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Our team of researchers, and thousands of human contributors, are sourcing, verifying accuracy, and creating curated lists and helpful FAQs for essential needs.


Educational Resources

Educational Resources offers a variety of programs and services that can be used by students, family and educators.


Utilities includes a variety of resources for electricity, gas, water, and waste management.

Employment Resources

Employment Resources provides a comprehensive range of services to job seekers and businesses, including job search assistance, resume writing, career coaching, and more.

Taxes and Fees

Taxes and Fees offers a wide range of services and resources to help you with your personal, business, or property taxes.

Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness offers resources that helps residents create an emergency plan and be prepared for disasters. Resources include creating a plan, assembling an emergency kit, and staying informed about the risks in your area.

Most Popular Resources

Pets and Animals

Pets and Animals has resources on everything from pet adoptions, pet licensing and medical resources to care for your pet, as well as resources for animal welfare organizations.

Visitor Resources

Visitor Resources contains a wealth of information for visitors to use when planning their trip to the area. There are resources for both residents and visitors to explore and experience the various local attractions, events and services.

Local Library Resources

Local Library Resources includes a extensive online catalog, meeting or study rooms you can reserve, virtual programs, and educational programs for all ages.

Employment and Career Opportunities

Employment and Career Opportunities offers a variety of resources to help users find employment and career opportunities in various city, county and state levels.

Benefits and Social Programs

Social programs are government initiatives that aim to improve the social and economic well-being of citizens.

Transportation and Transit

Transportation and Transit includes information on local public transportation, airports, accessible transportation, and biking. Resources include how to save money on transportation with reward programs, and find alternative modes of transportation.


Housing provides information on programs and services for low-income housing.

Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alerts how to sign up for emergency alerts, how to receive emergency notifications, and how to find out about emergency situations in your area.

Legal Resources

Legal Resources contains searchable database of legal articles and forms, a directory of legal services and programs, and ways to obtain legal documents.

Museums, Arts, and Culture

Museums, Arts, and Culture contains a variety of information on a variety of topics, such as art, history, museum exhibitions, and cultural events.

Resources for New Residents of Texas

Resources for New Residents of Texas offers information on how to obtain a driver's license, how to register to vote, and utility companies to setup new services.

Child Care Resources

Child Care Resources contains information and resources that can be used by child care providers and parents. Some resources included are educational programs, a directory of child care providers, as well resources for children with disabilities.

Licenses and Permitting

Licenses and Permitting contains information on how to obtain various licenses and permits such as driver's licenses, birth certificates, marriage licenses, gun permits, and business licenses.

Accessibility Resources

Accessibility Resources includes a variety of resources to help those with disabilities such as, access to accessible public transportation, programs and services, and accessible recreation facilities.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation contains a variety of information on playgrounds, adaptive sports and recreation programs, public gardens, events and so much more.

Virtual At-Home Resources

Virtual At-Home Resources contains a variety of resources that can be used at home. These include online courses, e-books, virtual tours, virtual exhibits, virtual ballet performance and videos.

Essential Mobile Apps

Essential Mobile Apps offers iOS and Android applications which allow users to find public services, such as bus routes, parking, trash schedules, libraries, parks, police stations, purchase single ride tickets for local buses, and more.

Domestic Violence Resources

Domestic Violence Resources contains information on crisis hotline phone numbers and how to get help if you are a victim of domestic violence.

Essential Health and Medical Resources

Essential Health and Medical Resources includes health care programs for children and adults with disabilities, COVID-19 vaccination resources, 24-hour nurse help line, location listings for care clinics and much more.

Business Resources

Business Resources has information on starting and managing a business such as starting a business in specific industries, how to obtain a business license, certification and more.

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